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Water Treatment

We provide Total Water Management to achieve Clean, Clear and Consistent Water Quality for your Food Service Operations. End to End Integrated Water Treatment Solutions for Food Service Industry, Industrial Applications and Homes.

Point of Entry Water Treatment

Water from the source is treated based on specific requirement and need,which could be for Food Service Locations, Industrial Applications, Buildings and Home use.
  • Pressure Sand Filtration
  • Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Water Softening System
  • Iron Removal
  • High Recovery Reverse Osmosis System
  • UV Filtration
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Point of Use Water Treatment

Spot Filtration for Coffee and Tea Machines to reduce Abrasion, Clogging, Scale Buildup, Corrosion, Off Tastes, Odors, Harmful Cysts and other Contaminants. Coffee and Tea are 98% water and proper filtration results in consistent quality and better Tasting Coffee. It also improves the Performance and Efficiency of the Coffee Machines, Ice Cubers, Combi Ovens and Dish Washers.
  • Coffee / Tea Filtration Systems
  • Ice Filtration Systems
  • Steam Treatment Filtration Systems
  • Softeners/Warewashing
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • UV Filtration
Spec N Tech Solutions

Wastewater Treatment

Waste Water Treatment helps to increase the reuse of water for gardening, utilities and HVAC applications. It reduces the wastage of water and proper disposal is achieved.
  • Membrane Bio Reactor ( MBR )
  • Intra Tank Bio Reactor
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